About Simply Hope, Inc.
Simply Hope, Inc. is a registered 501c3 non-profit company whose main focus is to provide a moderately structured, sober, safe, supportive transitional housing experience.

Simply Hope was founded through a process of planning by professionals from local agencies in the areas of addiction and mental health. We are convinced; by our own experience, research and statistics that providing a supportive environment in early recovery will greatly enhance the quality and duration of that recovery.

Many people in beginning and early recovery do not have the accommodating environment necessary to support, or which are conducive to, long term recovery. Other options, such as detox or short and long term treatment serve a valuable but short term purpose however; may lack adequate continuing supportive services.

A sober living program is an essential and integral part of the recovery process for a great many men and women in early recovery from substance abuse. The foundation to this approach is based on the belief that people who experience a repeated pattern of drug or alcohol abuse would be best served by additional time in a stable, supportive environment to reinforce sobriety and support to increase the chances of a successful and sustained recovery.

To those who have completed a residential substance abuse treatment program, or individuals already in recovery who demonstrate a need of supportive environment, Simply Hope may be able to help; to provide a needed service to residents of our community suffering from addiction and mental health issues.
We seek to provide an atmosphere, a supportive home environment, where our clients can build a foundation in sobriety, a foundation on which they can build healthy, productive lives and relationships in recovery
Our residents live and work in a community where spiritual, emotional and physical healing take place by service to each other and building trust, dignity and hope while dealing with life on life's terms.

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Simply Hope, Inc.
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