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Disabled Veterans                                         Simply Hope, Inc.  |  Veteran Security Project
If you are seeking to relocate to a Paradise?   Simply Hope is willing to help.
Simply Hope, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit transitional housing for male and female veterans in recovery from physical, mental or substance abuse issues and disabilities, all in beautiful sunny Florida.

Simply Hope’s Veteran Security Project was established by a disabled veteran specifically for disabled veterans. Our agency offers clean affordable housing close to services, beaches, parks, recreation and shopping. All homes are short distance from William C. Young Bay Pine’s VA Medical Center and many affiliate agencies here to help with your transition.
The Tampa Bay Area’s focus on our vet’s services is apparent by the myriad of services available and the coaches to see you get what you deserve with dignity.

Don’t let your disability hinder your dreams of paradise; we are here to help you make the transition by advancing transportation to Florida, food and clothing with a caring and friendly face to greet you arrival and help you get squared away.

  • Determination by the Veteran’s Administration as to being service related disabled
  • A minimum of 7 days sobriety and/or successful competition of a recognized detox program.
  • An ability to make a six month commitment to your future.
  • Clients are required to pay an affordable weekly program fee.
  • Criminal history will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Any medication will be approved by program administration and your Physician.
  • Ability to develop strong outside support through participation and service.
  • Acceptance of and adherence to all program rules and regulations

It is our hope that you meet these qualifications and are prepared to begin a new life in recovery, if so, please contact our offices for an appointment.

Simply Hope provides a supportive transitional housing program. Our program was developed through a process of planning and development by professionals from local and national agencies in the areas of addiction and mental health.

Our goals are to provide a moderately structured, sober, safe, affordable, and supportive home environment to veterans with disabilities, or veterans already in recovery who demonstrate a need for a more supportive environment, and to provide a needed service to veterans of our community through enrichment of individuals. We seek to provide a foundation on which recovering veterans can build healthy productive lives and relationships and begin to contribute to the communities in which they live.

Many people in the beginning and early stages recovery do not have the supportive environment necessary to support, or which are conducive to, long term recovery. Other options, such as detox or short term and long term treatment centers and nursing homes serve a valuable but short term purpose; a temporary fix many times lacking adequate continuing supportive services.

We are convinced; by our own experience, research and statistics that providing a supportive environment for veterans in early recovery will greatly enhance the quality and duration of that recovery. A sober living program is an essential part of the recovery process for a great many veterans in early recovery from substance abuse. The foundation to this approach is based on the belief that veterans who experience a repeated pattern of drug or alcohol abuse would be best served by additional time in a stable supportive environment to reinforce sobriety and social support in the hopes of increasing the chances of a successful and sustained recovery. Our veterans live and in a community where spiritual, emotional and physical healing take place by service to each other and their community, building trust, dignity and hope while dealing with life on life's terms.

We offer safe and secure home environments with compassionate and supportive staff as well as some home amenities such as comfortable furnishings, HDTVs w/cable, wireless internet, remote and onsite security and management.
Don’t let your disability hinder your dreams of paradise; we are here to help you make the transition by advancing transportation to Florida, food and clothing with a caring and friendly face to greet your arrival and help you get squared away.

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(716) 201-9644
Simply Hope, Inc.
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